The new PlatMat OPTY project was started

On April 1, 2016, we began the implementation of the project entitled “OPTY: Studies on the effectiveness of computerization of mathematical education of students with visual impairments using the optimized PlatMat tools“. It is a continuation of the idea of ​​the completed project entitled “PlatMat platform increasing the effectiveness of inclusive education in the field of mathematics and physics”, implemented in the period 02.2014 – 10.2015, which resulted in a complete, innovative educational technology PlatMat: a set of tools and a portal that supports the teaching of mathematics and physics of students with visual impairments.
The activities carried out in the current project will focus on:

  • optimization and universalization of PlatMat tools,
  • valorisation of PlatMat tools under real operating conditions,
  • optimization of PlatMat tools to match the declared needs of different groups of potential users operating in different contexts (local environments),
  • dissemination of the results of research and applications from implementations,
  • development of recommendations for the application and implementation of PlatMat in the teaching of maths of pupils with visual impairments, which are a factor increasing the diffusion of innovative technology of PlatMat on the education market.

The project is co-financed by PFRON and will last until the end of March 2017.

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