Creating formulas

How can we construct a mathematical formulas in PlatMat?

By using TEACHER authoring tools we can prepare the math learning content (math worksheets, tests, theory) dedicated for the student. This content is saved in the form of EPUB3 files. EPUB3 is an open standard for digital publications which allows to place math formulas (MathML), sound and graphic (SVG) inside the document. This property makes it universal, interactive and adjustable to the demands of blind and visually impaired students.

Math formulas (one- or multi-dimention) are the basic element of the most of the math content. You can write them in PlatMat applications in 4 different ways:

  1. using the ASCIIMath editor allowing to write formulas as well as multi-line math transformation in ASCIIMath notation,
  2. using structural formulas creator,
  3. using math input panel for handwritten writing formulas by finger or stylus on the touch screen computer just as it is done in a traditional school notebook,
  4. using Braille editor in accordance with Polish Braille Mathematical Notation.

ASCIIMath editor allows linear writing formulas, including multiline formulas (math transformations). In the course of writing a formula we have to-date view of its spatial visualization in the document.

Edytor ASCII w aplikacji Nauczyciel

In the ASCIIMath editor built-in the Blind STUDENT application toolbar was replaced by drop down lists of symbols and operators. Entering formulas is done linearly in accordance with the ASCIIMath notation.

Edytor ASCII w aplikacji UN

When we use built-in formulas creator we must first create the structure of the formula.

 edytor strukturalny - widok szablonu wyrażenia

 In the next step we give value to each element of the predefined structure.

edytor strukturalny - nadawanie wartości polom szablonu

 Handwritten writing formulas is done in a natural way as it is done on an ordinary sheet of paper.


Regardless of the method it has been created with, the resulting formula is deposited as MathML structure in the document and graphically visualized on the screen.