Explaining formulas

How can the teacher help the student to understand and solve math problems?

Formulas placed in the multimedia math content may be enriched by the teacher with additional information in the form of text and audio comments. This can help the student to understand and interpret mathematical notation properly or recall the theoretical basis. The comments contain some additional explanation of the designated part of the formula, tips or instructions on how to solve the problem, a recommendation to use a specific formula or theorem. They are one of the types of multimedia elements in EPUB3 files which are readable in the STUDENT application as well as the standard EPUB3 reader.

We edit a comment in a special text box.



The teacher can record an audio comment using a built-in voice recorder.


Comments Inserted into a document are visualized with special tags (different for each type of a comment). By selecting a comment tag you can read or listen to it.


Comments may be changed or removed from the list of comments. Currently selected comment in the list is highlighted in a document body.