Calculating with cubarithm

What extra help in calculations can the student get?

One of many task types that the teacher can include in the math document is a numerical calculation solved with the use of a virtual cubarithm.

Cubarithm is designed for learning arithmetic calculation method “in columns”, similar to paper and pencil calculation done by sighted students.

We can create calculation tasks in the TEACHER authoring tool in embedded CUBARITHM module. We define an operation type and all needed elements. This can be done directly by filling cubarithm cells or in a special form.



Functionality of a virtual cybarithm is extended over a traditional one – gridded frame and cubes with Braille numbers. It gives the possibility of checking the correctness of the calculations. The teacher may determine specific verification for each cubarithm task type. Check function can be enabled or disabled depending on whether it is a self-test or an assessment. It can be set with an option to indicate the location of an error or only with information about it.


Cubarithm task types are embedded in the math document and imported / exported on disk.


Partially sighted students have the ability to customize the background color and cubarithm cells color. Both partially sighted and blind students can use navigation shortcuts and editing gestures.

Calculator available in the STUDENT application may be also used by the students for doing their calculation.