Partially sighted student activity

How partially sighted student works

Platmat includes tools for creating, collecting and exchanging math content in EPUB3 file format. The STUDENT tool can be adapted to the individual visual needs of a partially sighted student by setting background color, font size and color, contrast and magnification.



The student uses mathematical content sent to her/him by the teacher, downloaded from the repository on the PlatMat portal or personal resources created using the STUDENT application and saved in a local repository. Mathematical content stored in a repository is described by metadata which may be used to find a math document .

Students may use a magnifier to read the document content on the screen. Furthermore, they can read text annotations or listen to voice explanations placed next to the math formulas (teacher’s comments) and also learn about graphics. Math documents can be printed.

The educational process can be conducted in the cooperation with the teacher (classroom, e-tutoring) by means of the COMMUNICATOR tool and EPUB3 file data exchange. Student can also learn independently (individual education, self-training) using EPUB3 educational math resources downloaded from the repository on the PlatMat portal.



Only certain parts of a document prepared by the teacher may be edited by the student (result field, cubarithm task, matching field) – other content elements are disabled. This is done deliberately to avoid the student modifying materials sent by the teacher. The student may solve cubarithm tasks, use a calculator with advanced functionality, write a formula using the formulas editor or by hand on the touch screen in a scale appropriate to his/her personal needs, depending on eye disease. The result of the student’s work can be saved on disk or sent back to the teacher.