Teacher and student communication

How teacher and student can collaborate?

The teacher (or parent) can work with students (a child) in the classroom (at home) via WiFi, but can also help the student remotely via the Internet (distance education). Students can also learn on their own using math materials (tasks, theory) in the form of multimedia interactive EPUB3 documents placed by the teacher in the educational repository on the PlatMat portal. In this case the student can use explanations recorded or written by the teacher, guidance, references to the theory in the form of comments on formulas or their parts.

Information exchange between teacher’s and student’s applications is bi-directional, i.e. both the teacher and the student can receive and send multimedia mathematical documents. In the Internet communication voice can be transmitted, too. COMMUNICATOR tool is responsible for the realization of these tasks.

Teacher (TEACHER application) establishes a connection (via WiFi or Internet) with the STUDENT application used by selected students or one particular student. The teacher can send the same or different math materials (EPUB3 files) to each connected student.



STUDENT application’s sound signals inform the student that s/he has received a new document from the teacher. The student can give interactive and multimedia answers to the mathematical content received from the teacher. S/he solves problems (does calculations, writes the results and answers), voice comments the selected places of the document, recognizes graphics. Formulas contained in the document are voice read in Polish. Additionally, the student can easily use the math formula navigation facilities (built-in NAVIGATOR tool). With the use of touch gestures or keyboard shortcuts s/he can properly interpret selected fragments or the entire formula.


The teacher constantly monitors the student’s work using a remote desktop that displays the current content of the device screen. S/he can sequentially switch between the screen views of the students participating in the lesson, correct their errors or comment and explain each step of the task.